How to stop and reduce condensation on your bar fridge!

Condensation forms when there is a combination of water in the air (humidity), warmer temperatures and cold glass. The warm damp air touching the cold glass causes fog or water or condensation to form on the inside. 


We've listed the ways you can reduce condensation through to fully preventing against it altogether:

Double Glazed Glass - your glass will start to fog at 50% humidity and form water from 65% humidity

Triple Glazed Glass - With triple glazed glass, the front panel of glass doesn't get as cold which means your glass door will withstand humidity of up to 65% before there is any sign of condensation

LOW E Glass - This is a special coating on the glass that reflects heat 70% better than non-LOW E glass. It helps to keep the cold in and warmth out. LOW E will achieve up to 70-75% before condensation starts to form

Argon Gas Fill – Common in many units, the gas helps protect front glass from getting cold as it provides a layer in between the 2 x panes of gas, this combined with any of the above will allow another 5% before humidity forms

Heated Glass – This is the only way to fully eliminate condensation on your glass door fridge. The tempered heated glass uses a film that is electrically charged at low voltage with power of about 50-65 Watt. At a minimum, this feature doubles the energy consumption of the unit but will stop condensation on the body or door frame


Condensation will occur on the body and door frame on poor quality units that have cheaper foam insulation on the inner of the fridge. This inevitably causes condensation issues, particularly for stainless steel fridges.

To avoid condensation altogether, invest in a fridge made with quality parts, ideally with heated glass.


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How to stop and reduce condensation on your bar fridge! – Bar Fridges New Zealand

June 11, 2024 at 00:40am

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