In this warranty:

(a) ‘CGA’ means ‘Consumer Guarantees Act’ (New Zealand);

(b) ‘RRP’ means ‘Recommended Retail Price’;

(c) ‘Appliance’ means any Bar Fridges NZ (BFNZ) product purchased by you and accompanied by this document;

(d) This warranty only applies to Appliances purchased and used in New Zealand and are used in normal domestic applications and is in addition to (and does not exclude, restrict, or modify in any way) any non-excludable statutory warranties in New Zealand. *The unit is covered by the country entity where it was purchased only.

(e) During the Warranty Period, Bar Fridges NZ or its service network will, at no extra charge, if your Appliance is readily accessible for service, without special equipment and subject to these terms and conditions, repair or replace any parts which it considers to be defective. Bar Fridges NZ may use re- manufactured parts to repair your Appliance. You agree that any replaced Appliances or parts become the property of Bar Fridges NZ. This warranty does not apply to light globes, batteries, filters or similar perishable parts.

All refrigerated, compressor driven, products purchased from Bar Fridges NZ are covered by our exclusive ‘Product Confidence’ warranty:

*Products purchased OVER $1000 (RRP): 2 Years NZ Wide ‘On Site’ Parts and Labour Warranty from the date of delivery. This is NOT ‘parts only’ or ‘back to base’, this is our real warranty no cost to you.

*Products purchased UNDER $1000 (RRP): 1 Year NZ Wide ‘New Replacement’ Warranty from the date of delivery, will be replaced with new, depending on location and logistics.

*The warranty has been streamlined in May 2017 to include commercial and domestic under one umbrella.

*EXCEPTION: Scratch ‘N Dent and items on special (see below).

All ‘Scratch ‘N Dent’ bargains and Sales/Specials’ where stock is reduced in price have separate warranty terms which are stipulated on both the website listing and the invoice. These units are deemed to be second hand and are discounted accordingly - their warranty periods are also reduced to reflect either 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Bar Fridges NZ will pay all costs to repair, replace (with a similar or equivalent value) or refund (at our sole discretion) for any faulty unit or part thereof should the fault be deemed as a defect in operation, material, or workmanship. Bar Fridges NZ is geared towards fairness in all cases. In most instances when we recognise a problem and the problem can be remedied on-site, the work is undertaken via our fleet of service technicians. Should it prove difficult to diagnose the fault or perform the repair work in the space or environment provided, or if the unit is located outside the Bar Fridges service area, then the unit will need to go off site for repair and return.

Warranty Does Not Include:

Any expenses that result from service calls for products or faults that are not specifically covered by this warranty (including units which are covered but are found to be operating normally), will be borne by the client (at our discretion), and includes any expenses resulting from service calls for both fault diagnosis and repair after the above warranty terms have expired. Bar Fridges NZ will always attempt to assist after warranty periods have expired with spare parts and service, just as we would within warranty periods. Glass door fridges are more prone to needing maintenance than domestic units do. Any client wishing to return a purchased unit with no legitimate reason, it is understood that the client has read our listing and knows all of the specifications in regards to size, noise levels, condensation, power consumption and the correct environment suited for the fridge. The cost to return is fully borne by the client as well as the initial cost of the delivery (including where ‘free shipping’ is stated in the listing), plus a re-stocking fee of 10%. This strictly applies for a 14-day period from the date of the delivery. Any expenses resulting from defects to the unit caused by any person, other than BFNZ or its authorised service agents, including:

a) Incorrect installation – such as a lack of ventilation, exposure to the elements where it’s not part of the refrigerator specification, sunlight in particular.

b) Abuse, misuse, or alteration.

c) Failure to let compressor oil and/or refrigerant settle after relocation.

d) Damage during movement by the client from one location to another including lifting the unit by the doors or door handles.

e) Act of God, or his son, or aliens invading earth.

f) Insect and/or vermin infestation.

g) Electrical/Power surges and/or storm damage.

h) Damage to any area or structure due to movement of the fridge, like wooden floors, walls and glass etc.

i) Faults due to client re-programming or setting controllers wrong.

j) Blocked condensers due to not being cleaned, it is up to customer to ensure condensers are cleaned periodically, see for relevant info on the type of units that need this.

K) Any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, spoilt wine or frozen/exploded drinks, water damage including condensation forming on outer glass etc, except as provided for by the CGA.

Units used in ‘moveable’ vehicles (Cars, Vans, Buses etc.) will not be covered under any warranty at all. Talk to us about specific applications and we can help with recommendations. Fridges that do not come under our standard warranted lines, these will be clearly advertised with the warranty information directly pertaining to that product, and the purchase invoice will state the warranty. Fluorescent or LED lights, locks, ballast, rusted parts (including Stainless Steel), screws, nuts, and any plastic parts involving basic wear and tear. Labour if the technician has to travel outside of Bar Fridges NZ’s normal service area. Freight costs for repair if unit is outside the Bar Fridges NZ’s service agent areas, all major capital cities and towns are included but there are some rare remote areas’ we cannot service. Compensation/Claim in any form, if the client hasn’t read the listing correctly in regard to the fridge power draw, operation and noise levels. Bar Fridges NZ has extensive product details, and the consumer is obligated to make an informed decision based on our listings and large amounts of information available.

How to Obtain Service:

For assistance, there are 3 x ways below. To help we require the fridge model, serial number, date of purchase and a description of the problem Please ensure you have as much info as possible to speed up process. A picture of the fridge showing wide shot and also the controller (if applicable).

1, Go online at this link This will take you through the basic questions needed for us to assist in a timely manner. You may be asked further questions after the receipt of your Warranty Claim Lodgement Form.

2, Email the Service Department directly via

3, Contact the Service Department on (04) 526 6009 during the hours of 9:00am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri.

There is no guaranteed time limit for repairs to be carried out due to the nature of refrigeration products and the technician time booking constraints. You must allow 7-14 days as a fair down time. Refrigeration technicians are very busy, and jobs have to be booked in advance. Sometimes units will need to be arranged for return and repair, which can be time consuming. In saying all this, all warranty issues are regarded as ‘urgent’, and every effort will be made to have the problem rectified immediately.

In some cases, to speed the process up where a job is considered a minor repair, the parts may be sent direct to the client and authorisation will be given to make the repair themselves with the warranty not being voided. This is popular in situations like fan replacements, which are easy to swap, when the client is an actual tradesman or handy with a screwdriver. We will never allow electrical wiring jobs without a qualified technician, only plug ‘n’ play style jobs.

Proof of Purchase:

Proof of purchase is not a mandatory thing, but of course it will help. When purchased, we internally register the model and your details, so to find details we need an invoice number (as we keep serial numbers), email address or phone number that you lodged at the time.

Authorised Service Agents:

Service is provided by Bar Fridges NZ and its’ authorised service network of refrigeration technicians NZ Wide. We attempt to cover all areas though certain remote areas can often translate to longer waiting periods. We don’t allow for services outside of normal working hours, otherwise call out fees are applicable. *All call outs must be arranged and performed by approved Bar Fridges NZ service technicians. Clients cannot arrange their own technicians within the warranty period at all, this could void the warranty.

Replacement Parts / Items Out of Warranty:

Parts will always be available at very reasonable prices after the warranty period is finished, our exclusive 10-year parts availability guarantee is great piece of mind. It is very important to Bar Fridges NZ to keep clients happy after the warranty period has expired. The contact details stipulated under ‘How to Obtain Service’ allows you to lodge a claim/parts request, so add as much info as you can, and we will assist.